Texas GOP's voting integrity bill passes key House vote

The Texas House passed the bill at 3 a.m. Friday after hours of debate.
The Texas state capitol
The Texas state capitol
(Montinique Monroe/Getty)

The GOP-led Texas House early Friday morning advanced an election-reform bill that if enacted would tighten rules on drive-thru, mail-in and other forms of balloting. 

The measure still must pass another House vote, expected before Saturday, then return to the Senate for a final vote before reaching the desk of Gov. Greg Abbott, according to The Texas Tribune.

The Republican governor has signaled his support of the bill.

The House vote Friday occurred at 3 a.m., after hours of debate and passed along party lines, 81-64.

The bill, if enacted, would also impact early and extended-hours voting.

"I made election integrity an emergency item this session to help ensure every eligible voter gets to vote and only eligible ballots are counted," said Abbott, according to The Associated Press.