Biden: US troops will withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of August

Biden said he has confidence in Afghanistan to protect itself from a resurgent Taliban
President Joe Biden wearing sun glasses.

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced that the United States military mission in Afghanistan would conclude by the end of August ahead of his earlier promise to withdraw American troops by Sept. 11.

"Our military mission in Afghanistan will conclude on August 31. The drawdown is proceeding in a secure and orderly way, prioritizing the safety of our troops as they depart."

Biden said the objective of the war was met, which was to pursue the 9/11 attack's mastermind Osama Bin Laden and to end the Taliban's terror military network.

The president's comments come as the Taliban have made a recent resurgence in the country, with some experts saying Afghanistan could collapse to Taliban forces within 6 months. Biden said he believes in the Afghanistan government and its military.

Biden argued that it was time for the U.S. to focus on the challenges of the next 20 years, in possible enemies like Russia, China, and other terror networks in Africa and South Asia.