White House confirms Harris tests negative for COVID-19 after meeting with Texas Democrats

Last week, Harris met with Texas Democratic lawmakers, five of whom tested positive for COVID-19.
Kamala Harris, Oct. 2
Kamala Harris, Oct. 2
(Ethan Miller/Getty)

The White House confirmed Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris tested negative for COVID-19 after meeting with Texas Democratic legislators, some of whom had tested positive for the virus.

"I think the vice president’s office put out that she was tested, and there was no detection of COVID-19," White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Monday, according to The Washington Examiner.

Psaki said the COVID-19 test was part of a routine medical inspection and had nothing to do with her meeting with Texas lawmakers.

Last Tuesday, Harris met with a group of Texas Democratic lawmakers who fled the state for the nation's capital over Republican-backed voting bills. Leaving the state deprives Republicans of a quorum, the number needed for the legislature to do business. Five of those Democrats tested positive for COVID-19.

"What’s important for everybody to know is that the vice president was tested," Psaki said. "She, of course, takes these precautions seriously, and we would follow any advice our public health officials give us."