Charge dropped against NYC woman who called police on black bird-watcher in Central Park

Charges were dropped against a white woman who falsely called police on a black bird-watcher.

New York prosecutors said Tuesday they are dropping the misdemeanor charge against a white woman who this past spring called police on a black man birdwatching in Central Park.

Attorneys for the defendant tweeted after the decision was announced: "The New York DA's office dismissed all charges today against Amy Cooper. We thank them for their integrity and concur with the outcome. Others rushed to the wrong conclusion based on inadequate investigation and they may yet face legal consequences," NBC News reports.

Cooper made headlines May 2020 when she called police alleging a black bird watcher was harassing her after the man asked her to leash her dog in the park.

She reportedly completed five therapy sessions where she learned to "appreciate that racial identities shape our lives," said Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi, who also prosecuted disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

video of exchange between Cooper and the birder went viral and sparked widespread debate about issues of race and privilege. Cooper was fired from her job after the video went viral.