Drunk 19-year-old breaks into Airbnb that was 'loaded with cops'

Police did not cite or charge the man, saying he accidentally stumbled into their house.

A drunken 19-year-old accidentally broke into an Airbnb in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, only to find the house filled with police officers.

"This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, loaded with cops," Deputy Charles Pesola of the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office in Montana said in a Tik Tok video posted Friday.

Pesola and several other officers were in Milwaukee for police training. The officers heard noises during the night, assuming it was each other. In the morning, they found the person asleep in one of their beds after noticing one of the doors to the house was open.

"He woke up in handcuffs," Pesola said on the video, which went viral over the weekend.

The intruder was taken into custody by the Milwaukee police but wasn't cited or charged, with officers saying he drunkenly stumbled into the wrong house by accident, according to KMOV4.