Journalist Greenwald says he was bound, robbed in armed home invasion

Greenwald says incident occurred at a rented farm in Brazil where he and his family were staying during pandemic.
Glenn Greenwald at  a hearing at the Lower House's Human Rights Commission in Brasilia, Brazil

Journalist Glenn Greenwald revealed he was robbed at gunpoint in a home invasion.

Greenwald said in an essay Saturday that the robbery occurred last month at his temporary residence in Brazil and that five men were involved.

He said three men pointed guns at him while the other two remained lookouts.

He said he first noticed something was wrong when his dogs started barking at the rented farm where he and his family have been living during the pandemic. Greenwald said the farm is near Rio De Janeiro and that he had an armed security guard.

Greenwald said police responded to the incident. Just the News on Monday could not find any official reports of the attack or any news reports based on an official police report.

Greenwald said the robbery took about an hour and the robbers tied his and the security guard arms tied behind their backs, bound their legs and forced them into a smaller house in the back of their property. 

Greenwald said two children were not at the property at the time of the alleged robbery.

Greenwald says his car, the security guard's gun and no more than $2,000 were stolen.