LA Democrat mayoral candidate Rep. Bass says no longer feels safe after burglary, guns taken

Increasing crime is a key issue for Bass and other 2022 big city mayoral candidates.
Rep. Bass

Los Angeles Democrat mayoral candidate Rep. Karen Bass says she no longer feels safe in the city after her home was burglarized and two guns were taken.

"I came home one evening to see my house in disarray, and it was very traumatizing,” she told Fox 11 Los Angeles on Thursday. "My safety was shattered." 

However, Bass, a Los Angeles native, says her Sept. 9 ordeal has not changed her policies while running for mayor because she "thought from the beginning that the number one job of the mayor is to make sure that Angelenos are safe."

To be sure, increasing crime is a key issue for Bass and other 2022 big city mayoral candidates.

Bass has a double-digit lead in her general election race against businessman and fellow Democrat Rick Caruso, according to recent polls.

Bass says police have informed her that two men have been arrested in connection with the burglary, in which reportedly only the two guns were taken.

She also said the firearms were registered and safely secured.

"I had guns for personal safety, as do many other people," Bass also said. "I think that gun control is extremely important, but I have never believed that people, if they wanted to have guns, should not have them ... In many neighborhoods, people don’t feel safe. They would like to see an increased presence of police officers."