NASCAR suspends Bubba Wallace after Kyle Larson crash incident

Wallace has since apologized for his behavior.
Bubba Wallace

NASCAR has suspended driver Bubba Wallace from the Cup Series Championship following an incident between him and another driver during a Sunday race in Las Vegas.

During the race fellow driver Kyle Larson's car forced Wallace's car into the wall. Wallace in turn hit Larson's vehicle, prompting it to spin out and cause a crash, according to Fox News. Wallace then shoved Larson after the pair left their vehicles.

Wallace has since apologized for his behavior, saying it "does not align with core values that are shared by 23XI Racing and our partners, who have played a crucial role in my incredible journey to the top of this great sport... I want to apologize to NASCAR and the fans, along with Christopher Bell, Joe Gibbs Racing and Toyota for putting them in a situation in the playoffs that they do not deserve."

In 2020, Wallace made headlines over claims that a noose had been left in a garage assigned to him as a racist gesture. An FBI investigation later concluded that the "noose" was in fact a pull rope that had been in place for months.