UAW extends strike against U.S. automakers, 38 more facilities in 20 states

The 146,000-member union began its strike a week ago.
union strike

The United Auto Workers union on Friday expanded its strike against major U.S. automakers, with workers walking out of 38 General Motors and Stellantis parts-distribution centers in 20 states.

The 146,000-member union began its strike a week ago, with 13,000 members striking at Ford Motor Co.'s Michigan Assembly plant in Wayne; General Motors Co.'s Wentzville Assembly plant, in Missouri; and Stellantis NV's Jeep plant, in Toledo, Ohio, are all on strike.

The expanded strike will result in roughly 5,600 more workers leaving the job. 

The union did not expand its strike against Ford because the company has met some of the UAW demands during negotiations over the past week, said union President Shawn Fain, according to the Associated Press

He said GM and Stellantis have rejected the union’s proposals for cost-of-living increases, profit sharing and job security.

The union is seeking wage increases of 36% over four years, arguing the companies have made huge profits in recent years.

The companies have offered a roughly half of that amount, the wire service also reports.

The UAW is also demanding a 32-hour work week for 40 hours of pay and a restoration of traditional pension plans for newer workers.

The companies say they cannot meet those demands  because they need to invest profits in the costly transition from gas-powered to electric vehicles.