You Vote: Will inflation start coming down by the end of the year?

Consumer prices hit four-decade high in June.

Consumer prices rose 9.1% last month compared to the same time the year before, the Labor Department reported Wednesday.

The new figure marks the biggest yearly increase in inflation since 1981 and exceeds the predictions of financial analysts.

The 40-year high is largely attributed to increases in the cost of gas, food, rent, automobiles, and hotel rooms.

To combat soaring inflation, the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates in hopes of cooling what analysts have called an overheated economy. Many observers expect the rate hikes could lead to a recession as a byproduct of countering inflation.

Meanwhile, President Biden is trying to get other countries to ramp up oil production in hopes of increasing global supply and lowering gas prices.

With all this going on, do you think inflation will come down anytime soon? Here's your chance to weigh in:

Do you think the inflation rate will start coming down by the end of the year?