Trump holds massive rally in New Jersey, vows to expand election map to blue states

That would officially make 10 swing states; The usual 7 plus Virginia, Minnesota and New Jersey.
Donald Trump, Aug. 5, 2023, Columbia, S.C.

Former President Donald Trump held a massive beach rally in Wildwood, N.J., on Saturday evening, vowing to expand the traditional GOP election map to blue states this fall.

“All across America, millions of people in so-called Blue States are joining our movement based on love, intelligence and a thing called common sense,” he told thousands assembled for the event.

Trump repeatedly contrasted his record as president with that of Democrat Joe Biden, vowing to return the country to the prosperity it had seen before the pandemic, if he’s elected again.

“Instead of Joe Biden's weakness and chaos we want peace through strength like we had just four years ago,” he said.

Trump staged the rally with an amusement park behind him. On his way there, he brought a potential VP contender, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum.

Ahead of the rally, Trump predicted this week that he can win New York and New Jersey, normally Democratic strongholds.


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