Biden administration to launch 'door-to-door' push to vaccinate Americans

The Biden administration failed to get 70% of Americans vaccinated by July 4.
Administering a vaccine
Administering a vaccine
( Joshua J. Seybert / U.S. Air Force)

President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that his administration is launching a new "door-to-door" effort to get more Americans vaccinated after the country failed to reach its goal of having 70% of adults get the shot against COVID-19.

"Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and often times door-to-door- literally knocking on doors, to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus," Biden said, according to Fox News.

Biden's plan comes after his administration failed to get 70% of adults vaccinated by July 4, which was Biden's goal. The president said that 67% of adults had received one shot of the vaccine, and that just over 150 million Americans were fully vaccinated.

Biden said his administration will start to shift away from mass vaccination sites and drives and focus more on smaller community outreach to target those who have not yet been vaccinated.

The administration will partner with 42,000 local pharmacies and primary care physicians' offices to target smaller communities that may not be vaccinated, according to Yahoo News.