DeSantis to pardon those charged for defying COVID rules

DeSantis said he will issue pardons in the next couple of weeks.

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis says he'll pardon anybody who violated his state's COVID-19 rules, which would include not wearing a mask or socially distancing.

DeSantis, who has largely kept his state open and local economy running amid the pandemic,  made the annoucement Wednesday on Fox News while talking to a gym-owning couple who were facing jail time for defying pandemic-related safety regulations.

"It’s a total overreach," DeSantis said of COVID-19 rule penalties. "These things with health should be advisory, they should not be punitive."

The couple faced over 120 days in jail for allowing people not to wear masks in their gym.

DeSantis said pardons would be available to the couple and other Floridians in the next couple of weeks.