Saks CEO says employees at NY corporate office must get vaccinated, return to desk

Saks CEO Marc Metrick say "Zoom and the virtual world is a culture killer for companies."
Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saks Chief Executive Marc Metrick say employees at the luxury retail store's New York corporate office by September have a COVID-19 vaccine and return to the office.

"Zoom and the virtual world is a culture killer for companies," Metrick said in a recent interview, according to The New York Times. "Culture is so important to a business. And there’s no way that having 900 people dispersed and only existing in an intentional Zoom world with no unintentional conversation is good for a culture."

Metrick said the plan will include some work-from-home flexibility but "the default needs to be our office."

Saks will provide some amenities to help employees ease back into office life including like manicures, hair salon appointment and subsidized lunches.