Mastriano says Pennsylvania Republicans 'absolutely have to come together' after intense primary

Mastriano said the candidates he defeated called to congratulate him after his win in a show of unity

Pennsylvania's newly minted Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano said his party "absolutely" needs to unite behind whichever GOP Senate candidate proceeds to the general election as Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick are likely headed to a recount.

Mastriano's comments come after Republican Senate primary candidate Kathy Barnette on Monday suggested she would not support the ultimate GOP Senate nominee if she does not make it to the general election.

"We absolutely have to come together," Mastriano told "Just the News – Not Noise" one day after winning his race.

Mastriano, who received former President Donald Trump's endorsement, won the Republican nomination Tuesday with 44% of the vote. His next closest challenger, Lou Barletta, came in with 20.3%, according to The Associated Press.

"Some of the candidates really hit me hard with negative ads, but all the major candidates called me up yesterday and said, basically, we're going to get behind you. And that's exactly how we take our state back. We have a bigger issue here. It's about the freedom of people in Pennsylvania," he said, adding, "It's time to come together and push back on these radical far left Democrats that are trying to take over our state and our nation."

Mastriano is set to face off this November against current Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) for the right to replace outgoing Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf.

"We can't win it unless we all rally together," Mastriano said.

"Let's put aside our differences. And let's get together because our objective obviously is winning the state on November 8," he urged Republicans.