RNC Chair candidate Harmeet Dhillon scores GOP megadonor endorsement two weeks from committee vote

Harmeet Dhillon, who is challenging Ronna Romney McDaniel for RNC chair, received the support of billionaire donor, while McDaniel received an endorsement from his wife.
Harmeet Dhillon working at her desk

Republican National Committee (RNC) chair candidate Harmeet Dhillon scored a big endorsement in her battle against incumbent Ronna Romney McDaniel on Friday, after billionaire donor Dick Uihlein released a letter lending his full support to her candidacy. 

The brief letter outlined the reasons behind his decision, asserting that the GOP is in desperate need of change at the top. 

"The course of history has brought us to a crossroads—either we will embrace a new vision and plan for victory for the future of our Republican Party, or we will remain idle and allow complacency to guide us," Uihlein began.

"The Republican Party needs new leadership," he continued. "While I appreciate the work that Ronna McDaniel has done during her tenure as RNC Chair, it’s time for a leader willing and equipped to prevail in the fight against the radical left. That leader is Harmeet Dhillon." 


"Harmeet has a long and distinguished record as a nationally recognized constitutional and election law attorney and conservative movement activist who has successfully fought on behalf of party committees and Republican candidates, even when the RNC would not," Uihlein added. "She fearlessly uses her talents, time, and energy to go on offense against the progressives seeking to destroy our great nation. Harmeet has the energy and bold vision to set the Republican Party on a course for victory in 2024 and beyond." 

The letter closed by contending that Republicans "do not have the luxury of complacency at this critical juncture," and how "now is the time to support a bold new vision for the future." 

Dhillon celebrated the endorsement, telling Just the News that it would open up more potential paths for her victory.

"I've worked side by side with Dick Uihlein and his team in fighting back against the left in multiple states and it's a tremendous honor to have his endorsement for the important role of RNC chair," she said. "Dick has joined other RNC mega donors in publicly supporting my campaign for RNC Chair. The next two years of the RNC are going to be a big challenge. Testing our ability to keep up with -- and overtake -- Democrats' expertise in getting their ballots into the ballot boxes. Without strong financial backing by loyal donors it will be impossible for RNC to meet these challenges."

"It's encouraging to know that if I become the chair, we will be able to raise the necessary resources to fulfill our obligation to Republican voters to help us win and defeat the radical left," she concluded. 

Uihlein's statement put him somewhat at odds with his wife Elizabeth, a fellow billionaire party mega donor, who endorsed Romney-McDaniel in an impassioned email to the 168 committee members saying, "I have been intimately involved in Republican politics my entire life, and I have carefully observed the Republican National Committee‘s operations over the past 6 years. With full confidence, I endorse Ronna McDaniel for another term as Chairwoman," Uihlein wrote to the committee members. "There is no question Ronna McDaniel is the right person for the job."

Dick Uihlein's endorsement of Dhillon follows fellow GOP megadonor Bernie Marcus throwing his support behind the same candidate earlier this week. 

"Harmeet Dhillon is a fighter in our courts, in the media, and elsewhere," he wrote to the RNC. "The RNC needs someone with her real-world experience, tenacity, and toughness.  Please join me in supporting Harmeet Dhillon for RNC chairwoman."

The pair are far from outliers, as Dhillon has racked up key endorsements from a bevy of other party donors in recent weeks.

The election is set to be held on January 27 later this month. 

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