Sarah Palin fires on Washington: 'Biden is so clueless,' GOP can't wait for 'red wave' to act

A step closer to joining Congress, former Alaska governor urges quick action to end Americans' suffering from gas prices.

A step closer to joining Congress, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is warming up her barbs for Washington, insisting Republicans can do more now to ease Americans' pain at the gas pumps even if President Joe Biden "is so clueless."

"Republicans have really got to put pressure on the administration, even until that red wave is ushered in in the midterms," Palin told a Just the News television special on America's energy crisis on Thursday. "Because Biden, as expected, he'll be over in Saudi Arabia or somewhere foreign, begging them to tap their reserves so that we can import their energy sources when, of course, we have the supplies here.

"God has so blessed our nation with these energy resources that we can responsibly develop, in fact, more responsibly than any other nation," she added. "And we can't wait until that red wave _ even though it's coming soon."

Palin recently finished first in a special primary to replace the late Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, and is the GOP favorite heading into a three-way special election in August.

Long an advocate for U.S. energy independence and development, the former 2008 vice presidential nominee said during a wide-ranging interview on the Special Report: How the War on Gas and Oil Made America Energy Dependent Again show sponsored by Panex Oil and Gas that Biden bears responsibility for the pain Americans are feeling with gasoline now standing above $5 per gallon in most parts of the nation.

“Biden is so clueless… about any of the solutions, and it’s common-sense solutions that just need to be applied,” she said. “You know, from day one when he got elected his administration kicked off, they undid all the good things President Trump had done."

Palin said there are many solutions to lowering gas prices, including ramping up drilling, pushing more oil through Alaska's famed pipeline and encouraging investment in exploration. She warned that Washington's tepid response to the soaring price of fuels could have long term impacts.

"When you evidently think that you can just flip a switch and get that rig back up and running, and okay, we're going to drill more, have more supply. But it doesn't work that way, you know, it takes months, if not years to ramp back up production that has been shut down by the government," she said.

Politicians in Washington, she said, are "not even asking the right questions. And too many Republicans in office today back there in DC, they know what the solutions are. I do not know why they are not more adamant and just more passionate about allowing the supplies to flow domestically," she said.

Palin seized on comments Biden has made recently that America is in a transition from hydrocarbons to electricity, one most experts warn is really decades off from completion. She said Americans must use their power to vote to try to change the direction of the country.

"You only fundamentally transform something for which you have disdain, because it means you want to totally wipe out fundamentally what was going on ... and replace it with something," she said. "In our case, it's going to be replacing America with something that we do not recognize. And that's why those who love America can't stand for it."