Trump attacks WSJ editorial board, amid back-and-forth over ObamaCare redux

Trump as president with a GOP-controlled House and Senate failed to repeal ObamaCare
Donald Trump, Oct. 28, 2023, Las Vegas

Former President Trump on Thursday harshly criticized the Wall Street Journal editorial board amid a back-and-forth between him and those responsible at the newspaper for recent opinion stories about ObamaCare – saying the "Globalist 'paper' sucks." 

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page is really a MESS!," Trump, now the frontrunner in the 2024 GOP presidential campaign, posted on Truth Social. "The Globalist 'paper' sucks, its influence is badly waning, and the concept of, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, is not exactly music to their ears."

The attack follows Trump earlier this week suggesting that if reelected would replace the Obama-era health care law.

An essay by the paper's editorial board Thursday begins: "Donald Trump handed his opponents another gift over the weekend by vowing to 'terminate” ObamaCare – or at least that’s how Democrats are translating his blunderbuss comments. Democrats are distorting the issue as ever, but they know Mr. Trump has no plan of his own." 

Trump in his response hours late didn't mention ObamaCare and instead posted a lengthy list of other grievances agains the paper.

"They fought me hard in 2016, but when I WON," said Trump, whose attacked largely focused on paper owner Rupert Murdoch. "Murdoch was the first to call. 'Great going,' he said, 'lets have lunch.' He called often, never getting what he wanted to get."

Referring to his two closest primary rivals, Trump said, "Now [Murdock has] given up on a hopeless Ron DeSanctimonious, who became Florida’s Governor because of me, only to be pushing Nikki 'Birdbrain' Haley," continued Trump,