Trump supporter Vernon Jones vows Arizona-style 2020 election audit if he becomes Georgia governor

State GOP Rep. Vernon Jones said he would issue an election audit if elected as Georgia governor.
Arizona voters

Trump supporter and Georgia GOP state Rep. Vernon Jones wants to replicate the 2020 election audit in Georgia in his home state. 

Jones, who is posing a 2022 primary challenge to Gov. Brian Kemp, said he'd order such an audit if elected governor.

In Arizona, the state's GOP-led Senate is having an outside group conduct the audit in the state's populous Maricopa County. 

Trump last year narrowly lost once-GOP-reliable Arizona and Georgia.

"Georgians still have questions about irregularities found in the 2020 election, and they deserve answers," Jones said Wednesday, according to CNN. "If Mr. Kemp refuses to demand an audit, then I will when I am elected to replace him."