Power restored to most Texas homes, but drinking water still a problem, as deadly storms track east

Electricity returned to most Texans but safe drinking water remains a problem.

Texas officials say they have restored electricity to most residents who lost power in the flurry of sub-freezing winter storms over the past several days that knocked out power to nearly 3 million homes and businesses. However, they say getting residents safe drinking water is still a major concern – as the storms hit the East Coast on Friday with more damaging snow and sleet.

Power has been restore almost 3 million homes in Texas, with roughly 185,000 still without electricity Friday morning, according poweroutage.us.

However, roughly 12 million residents are being told by the Texas Commission of Environmental Policy to boiling water until the municipal water system damaged by the storms can be repaired.

More than 57 people across the country has died as a result of the winter storms including a Houston family whose members died from carbon monoxide as their car idled in their garage, reports the Associated Press.

The snow and ice moved Thursday and Friday into the Appalachians, northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. Much of Washington, D.C., as of Friday morning was glazed with ice, cancelling schools.