Florida GOP congressman beckons New York Stock Exchange to move to Florida

"We have a lot of nice land here in southwest Florida," said Florida GOP Rep. Byron Donalds.
Wall Street traders mourning stock losses

Florida GOP Rep. Byron Donalds is urging The New York Stock Exchange to leave Lower Manhattan for Florida.

Donalds argued such a move would benefit the exchange because Florida has no tax on stock trades.

"Oh I do," Donalds said in response to a question on whether the NYSE should leave Wall Street for Florida. "We have a lot of nice land here in southwest Florida we can find a nice place for them right here in the heart of my congressional district." 

The Brooklyn-born congressman made the comments on NTD.com, following a New York proposed a bill earlier this month that  would impose a tax on financial transactions like stocks and bonds, and tax financial service firms such as hedge funds.

Donalds argued that because of Covid-19 people didn't need to stay in New York or Manhattan to work on the exchange.

"You can do that anywhere in the country, frankly in the world," he said. "But I think they should do that right here in Florida."