Chinese authorities order video testimonies of Uyghur's denying abuses

Chinese officials have claimed the videos are filmed by the Uyghurs themselves, and not coerced.
Uyghur protesters.

China has published dozens of testimonial videos of Uyghur men and women denying human rights abuses against them, which reportedly are part of campaign by the country's ruling Chinese Communist Party that is being accuses of human rights atrocities against the minority population.  

The connection between the video over rough the past year and the the communist party is being made by the Associated Press, based on text messages the wire service has obtained.

The AP reported Thursday having texts from party offices telling agents to find Uyghurs and make them film video responses to Trump administration Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's claims China is committing genocide and human rights violations.

"Express a clear position on Pompeo’s remarks, for example: 'I firmly oppose Pompeo’s anti-Chinese remarks, and I am very angry about them,' " the text said. "Express your feelings of loving the party, the country and Xinjiang (I am Chinese, I love my motherland, I am happy at work and in life, and so on)."

Chinese officials say the videos are produced and filmed by the Uyghurs. 

China is facing international criticism for its treatment of the Uyghurs, a minority population in the eastern province of Xinjiang, including accusations of genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass detention and forced labor. The communist party had denied the allegations.