Tokyo in path of typhoon just days into Olympic games – already beset by pandemic

Forecasters say the increased size of the waves may even help the Olympic surfing events.
The Olympic symbol in Japan, August 2020

A typhoon could hit Tokyo next week, just days after the beginning of the Olympic games, already beset by a pandemic.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecasters warned Friday that there’s a "medium chance" of a "potential tropical development," according to The New York Post.

The storm is forming in the Philippine Sea and is expected to travel toward Japan over the weekend and could hit Tokyo on Monday.

However, the center issued a statement telling people not to panic about the typhoon, the word for hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean, because it is not expected to turn into a "vigorous storm" and that it would, in fact, "generate some raised surf for the Olympic surfing events." 

"There’s going to be good waves, there’s a strong typhoon here off the coast of Japan, and we know that the waves are getting bigger," International Surfing Association President Fernando Aguerre said Friday, The Post also reported.