Federal Judge rules Menendez, wife to have separate trials for alleged bribery scheme

The government is going to have to try this case two times," the judge said.
Bob Menendez

A federal judge ruled Thursday that Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and his wife, Nadine, will have separate trials on allegations they took part in a bribery scheme.  

Menendez's trial is set for May 6 while his wife's trial has been pushed to July, according to local media

Nadine Menendez earlier this week requested her trial be postponed because of health concerns.

“This trial is going forward without Mrs. Menendez,” Judge Sidney H. Stein said Thursday. “The government is going to have to try this case two times.”

The couple face over a dozen charges related to allegations they accepted cash, gold bars and other gifts in return for business and legal favors.

The senator is also accused of acting as a foreign agent of Egypt. 

Both have pleaded not guilty, though former Menendez associate Jose Uribe last month, pleaded guilty to seven counts, admitting to key details of the alleged scheme in the process.