Lie, cheat, steal, win? Election 2020 board game arrives hoping to become MAGA nation's next fave

Creator behind game hopes it will educate the public on the idiosyncrasies of 2020, while generating a barrel of laughs.

Updated: November 12, 2021 - 4:51pm

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Just in time for the holiday season, the Election Fun Network is launching a new board game designed to parody the last several years of U.S. presidential politics — from the Russian collusion narrative through the disputed 2020 election.

The creator of "Election 2020, You Decide" hopes the game becomes MAGA nation's favorite pastime, with players divided into two teams (Democrats and Republicans) competing for 270 Electoral College votes.

But the game's not over at 270. 

Once the electoral hurdle is passed, players enter the "Inside Game," during which they compete for sensationalized media sound bites and the electoral votes of swing states that will decide the election. 

Players navigate the game using a series of features including "Fake News Cards," where players must answer rapid fire questions about major media disinformation, "Corruption Cards," which prompt the playing of video footage of candidates flip-flopping on their positions and factual data, and "The Big Four States," those with the most electoral votes that players must chase around the board.

The digitally interactive game is narrated by an avatar anchor team, "The Talking Heads," which includes characters like "Raquel Sadnow" and "Tuckle Carson," send-ups of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Fox News' Tucker Carlson, respectively, and "Dr. Richard Head: world renowned virologist."

Players can also purchase the "After Dark" expansion pack, which turns the family friendly game into an adults-only party. The after dark version of the game features drinking-game rules, a special game feature "FISA Application" and cards that include "Top Secret" election interference evidence, tickets to Epstein Island, and more.

The game is available for preorder now and will officially launch in December of this year.

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