Media Bias: CNN's John Harwood delivers Trump-bashing opinions in online analysis piece

The president's character deficiencies have "inflamed enmity, division and hardship across the nation," declared CNN's White House correspondent.

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Flagging reporters for crossing the line between fact and opinion
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June 13, 2020 - 1:56pm

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    With the Neutral Zone Infraction, Just the News tries to do its part to maintain the line between fact and opinion in American journalism by blowing the whistle each week on an egregious example of slanted coverage by reporters. This week's offender: John Harwood.

    CNN White House Correspondent John Harwood in an analysis piece on Sunday harshly criticized President Trump's character, deeming him "uniquely ill-equipped" to cope with the nation's present challenges. 

    "Empathy, courage, vision, decency, candor -- these traits have yielded the presidential moments that resonate through history," Harwood wrote, citing an essay by Wall Street Journal opinion columnist Peggy Noonan in praise of Ronald Reagan, whom Noonan served as a speechwriter. "The evident absence of those qualities in Trump leaves him uniquely ill-equipped," Harwood continued, "to handle the intertwined challenges of a public health pandemic, economic collapse and racial conflict that the nation now faces. The results have inflamed enmity, division and hardship across the nation." 

    Harwood's blatantly opinionated comments clearly violated the fundamental journalistic tenets of fairness and neutrality.

    CNN has not responded to requests for comment on this article. 


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