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Rep. Devin Nunes: ABC News HQ should move to Disney's Fantasyland after Steele interview

For "ABC News to put something out like that is just bizarre," said the California Republican, referring to the network's documentary on the author of the discredited series of opposition research memos alleging Trump-Russia collusion.

Published: October 21, 2021 2:18pm

Updated: October 22, 2021 11:14pm

Following an ABC News interview with Christopher Steele, author of the discredited Steele dossier used in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said the media outlet's headquarters should move to Fantasyland at its parent company's Walt Disney World.

"[I]t's a little bit of an embarrassment for ABC News and Disney Corporation," said Nunes, who as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee was instrumental in exposing the Trump-Russia narrative as a political dirty trick funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC in 2016.

"I've been kind of half joking, but really half not, because you wonder if ABC News is gonna move their headquarters to Fantasyland at Disney World," Nunes quipped. "It's such a joke."

Nunes alleged that the network's hour-long documentary "Out of the Shadows: The Man Behind the Steele Dossier," released Monday on Hulu, is "entirely fiction."

"[I]t's really about what was left out," he said. "And then the lack of clarity on the folks who are ... kind of posing as actors in this — you know, they're supposedly journalists."

Steele was the one "peddling Russian disinformation and the whole hoax early on," but in his interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos "he's sitting there going, 'Oh, we just don't know if this is true or not,'" observed Nunes.

"[I]t's basically misinformation or disinformation by omission," he said.

Nunes was asked if he was surprised the media is still falling for the Russia collusion narrative five years later. "[T]hey're not falling for this," he replied. "There's something more nefarious going on — ABC News to put something out like that is just bizarre.

"So I have no idea, you know, what's behind this — the timing, the release of this. That anybody would be defending Steele or those dossiers ... at this point is an absolute joke."

While Nunes believes that Special Counsel John Durham is "doing a real investigation" of the Russia collusion hoax, he is concerned about the prosecutor's ability "to continue this investigation, because we know DOJ is completely politicized."

"[I]magine if this just keeps happening across the country that, you know, you don't like your neighbor, so you go into your local law enforcement office, FBI, or local sheriff, and you put a bunch of fake information to open up an investigation on your neighbor or ... your business competitor," he said.

"But this is at the highest level, where it gets to the core of our democratic republic, opening an investigation on a rival political party — in this case, it was the Republican Party that these guys targeted."

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