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Lead prosecutor in Flynn case abruptly resigns

As new exculpatory evidence is unsealed, the case against Flynn has reemerged as a matter of national interest

Published: May 7, 2020 2:15pm

Updated: May 7, 2020 6:18pm

Brandon Van Grack, the lead prosecutor in the government's case against former national security adviser and retired Gen. Michael Flynn suddenly resigned Thursday, without explanation.

In a single sentence filing to the court, Van Grack informed federal Judge Emmet Sullivan that he would be quitting the case.

Pressure from President Trump and his supporters has built in the past weeks to, not just exonerate Flynn, but have the entire case thrown out of court as the result of newly publicized documents revealing that FBI investigators set Flynn up to lie to the agency.

Timeline of Justice Department's Case Against Michael Flynn

In 2017 Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, but has since withdrawn his plea. His new, high-profile legal team has accused the government investigators, prosecutors, and Flynn's former team of lawyers of misconduct. 

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