Russian forces launch one of their biggest attacks on Ukraine since war started

Ukrainian officials say that dozens of missiles were fired across the country by Russia, targeting at least four cities.

Updated: December 17, 2022 - 1:41pm

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Russian forces Friday launched one of their biggest missile attacks on Ukraine since invading the neighboring country roughly 10 months ago, hitting capital city Kyiv and at least three other major cities and causing widespread power outages. 

The attacks are targeting critical infrastructure in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih and Zaporhizhzhia, according to the Associated Press.

The Ukraine military says it has intercepted as many as 76 of the launched missiles.

Russian President Vladmir Putin appeared in mid-October to change tactics in his invasion — from ground troops and armored vehicles to missile attacks to destroy Ukraine's power and water systems as winter approaches and residents struggle to stay warm without heat. 

The attacks Friday follow the U.S. earlier this week saying it will give a Patriot missile system to Ukraine to bolster the country's defense system, the wire service also reports.

Russia's Foreign Ministry in response warned Thursday the system and accompanying crews will be a military target.