You Vote: Will investigators in the bungled Russia collusion probe face criminal charges?

It was a year ago that AG Barr named John Durham to investigate any crimes committed by investigators in the probe into Trump-Russia collusion.

FBI to face new scrutiny with declassified Russia case notes.
Official FBI Photo
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May 27, 2020 - 8:21pm

A year ago this month, Attorney General William Barr named John Durham, the highly respected U.S. attorney in Connecticut, to investigate whether any crimes were committed by investigators who looked into now-disproven allegations of collusion between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia.

So far, no criminal cases have been announced. And the Justice Department already has declined to prosecute cases referred by its own watchdog against former FBI Director James Comey and his former deputy Andrew McCabe.

Do you think anyone inside the FBI, DOJ or CIA will face indictment? Here is your chance to weigh in.


Do you think criminal charges will be filed against any investigators in the Russia probe for abuse of power?


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