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Comedian Dave Chappelle attacked on stage, suspect named and charged

Police say assailant tackled Chapelle when he was performing at a Los Angeles comedy festival.

Published: May 4, 2022 8:10am

Updated: May 4, 2022 10:35am

A suspect was named and charged Wednesday morning in connection with the on-stage attack the previous night on comedian Dave Chappelle.  

The suspect has been identified as Isaiah Lee, 23, according to Fox News. Lee has reportedly been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

This is a developing story ... 

Chappelle was attacked Tuesday night while performing in Los Angeles by a man who rushed the stage with a replica gun, according to multiple news reports.

Police say the assailant tackled Chappelle when he was performing at the Hollywood Bowl as part of a Los Angeles comedy festival.

The Los Angeles Police Department said Wednesday the weapon the man was carrying can eject a knife blade "when you discharge it correctly." It is unclear whether the fan attempted to use the weapon, according to local TV station NBC-4.

The incident occurred about a month after actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage at the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angles after Rock made a joke about Smith's wife.

Several videos and accounts posted online showed the man climbing onto the front of the Hollywood Bowl stage and rushing toward Chappelle, the TV station also reports. 

Several people are seen in the videos rushing to apprehend the person. The event was reportedly being filmed for an upcoming Netflix special.

The attacker was first taken to the hospital with a minor injury, but Chappelle was not injured.

The attacker as of Wednesday had not been identified. 

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