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Top Treasury officials says Democrats have been ‘intransigent’ on next stimulus package

She says Democrats will not budge on a stimulus package for Americans.

Updated: October 14, 2020 - 11:35pm

Monica Crowley, the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for public affairs, says that Democrats have been ‘intransigent’ in pushing a stimulus package along. 

Crowley told “Just the News AM” host Carrie Sheffield that although we have experienced an impasse, the president is committed and won't rest until all Americans are back to work.

“This President has been completely reasonable in trying to negotiate with the other side. He wants Americans to continue to get this economic support. The problem is that the Democrats have been intransigent and unwilling to budge not just on the top line number, but also in terms of the siloed issues and how the money is spent.”

“Hope springs eternal, Carrie, let me put it that way,” Crowley said when asked if Americans will receive a stimulus package. “The president remains completely committed to getting the American people continuing economic relief, as we have done throughout this crisis.”

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