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Bobulinski attorney rips Raskin over move to 'smear and defame' client

He went on to suggest Raskin join him in calling for a live hearing with Bobulinski before the committee to address the points of dispute.

Published: February 21, 2024 3:54pm

An attorney for ex-Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulisnki is livid with Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin over claims his client did not provide evidence linking President Joe Biden to his family's business dealings or of wrongdoing by the president himself.

Bobulinski testified last week before the House Oversight Committee in a closed-door hearing in which he addressed his own dealings with the Biden family and his prior meetings with the then-vice president. Bobulinski worked with now-first son Hunter Biden on a joint venture with CEFC China Energy in 2017 but was cut out of the deal later on.

Writing to Raskin, attorney Stefan Passantino excoriated the Oversight Committee's ranking member over correspondence obtained by ABC News addressing the testimony.

"I am in receipt of your correspondence of February 20, 2024, which appears to have been shared with ABC News in an attempt to smear and defame my client before it was transmitted to me," he wrote. "In his opening statement, my client Tony Bobulinski implored the members of the House Oversight Committee and the Committee on the Judiciary to set aside their partisan identities for one brief moment to focus on the facts Mr. Bobulinski is called upon to provide. You and your colleagues are utterly failing that test, failing to meet the moment, and failing the American people."

"...I am shocked and disgusted that you or anyone else would question his motives, patriotism or sincerity when you dishonestly assert that Mr. Bobulinski 'did not offer any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden' or 'provide any evidence that President Biden was involved in his family’s business dealings,'" Passantino went on. "You know this is false - and the American people can see for themselves that your allegations are false now that the transcript of Mr. Bobulinski’s testimony has been released by the House Oversight Committee and the Committee on the Judiciary[.]"

Passantino went on to include excerpts from Bobulinski's testimony in which he tested to the veracity and context of myriad communications between him and his associates. He further concluded that Raskin's office had worked directly with ABC News on the release of an article related to the testimony that he further said contained "glaring errors."

"We would be remiss if we did not address your ad hominem written and oral comments that the Bobulinski deposition was 'chaotic' and 'burlesque[,]'" he went on. "The only chaotic element in that deposition was the conduct of the Minority Members of Congress and their staff. They repeatedly interrupted, talked over, and attempted to shout down Mr. Bobulinski, and at times tried to stop him from fully answering questions."

"Beyond the range of the camera, they smirked, sneered and giggled, wagged fingers, and gesticulated wildly in anger as he gave his testimony. We are not the only ones dismayed by the Minority’s conduct, for the Chairman of the Committee himself apologized on the record for the 'pathetic' display in that interview room," Passantino continued.

He went on to suggest Raskin join him in calling for a live hearing with Bobulinski before the committee to address the points of dispute.

Ben Whedon is an editor and reporter for Just the News. Follow him on X, formerly Twitter.

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