Climate activists block Manchin's Maserati, new tactic to get Democrat senator to back climate bill

The West Virginia lawmaker has consistently been the target of harassment by activists who wish to see him support the reconciliation plan

Updated: November 5, 2021 - 11:44am

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    A group of environmental activists with the Sunrise Movement on Thursday blocked Sen. Joe Manchin from getting his car out of a parking garage near his Washington, D.C., home – the lasted effort to pressure the West Virginia Democrat into supporting President Biden's roughly $3.5 trillion climate change and social spending bill.

    Manchin holds at key vote in Senate passage and has opposed the bill on several fronts including its initiatives on fossil fuel, on which his state's economy is significantly dependent.

    The Sunrise Movement has been a strong supporter in getting progressives including New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez elected to Congress and a leading supporter of the Green New Deal climate change initiative.

    Manchin, according to videos, bystanders and news reports, was driving a silver Maserati Levante crossover.

    A video obtained by Just the News shows the protesters following the senator chanting, "We want to live!" while another activist yells, "Fight for us, Senator Manchin!"

    Video file

    A second video shows the protesters blocking the senator's car, as security guards attempt to clear a path for him to exit the garage. 

    In a since deleted post, one activist who was standing in front of the lawmaker's vehicle wrote he was "seriously considering pressing charges" against the senator.

    In September, a group of activists on kayaks paddled up to Manchin's houseboat, where he stays while not in his home state, to encourage his support of the massive spending plan. 

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