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Banks wants amendment in Defense spending bill banning military from teaching Critical Race Theory

Congressman Jim Banks will introduce the amendment during a National Defense Authorization Act markup session

Published: September 1, 2021 9:25am

Updated: September 1, 2021 10:09am

House Republican members of the Armed Services Committee are planning on using a markup session Wednesday for the National Defense Authorization Act to bring up the issue of Critical Race Theory within the military.

Committee member Indian GOP Rep. Jim Banks will reportedly introduce an amendment banning the instruction of Critical Race Theory, or related schools of thought that teach that the U.S. and/or the Constitution are grounded in racism.

The purpose of the amendment, at least in part, will be to put Democrats on record voicing their stance for or against the instruction of CRT, of which most Americans hold an unfavorable view.

Several weeks ago, during a Senate "vote-a-rama," Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, forced a similar vote on banning CRT in K-12 classrooms. The measure passed by a margin of 50-49, with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin being the only Democrat in support. 

Some Republicans are zeroing in on Critical Race Theory, especially as it becomes an issue that is hotly debated by school boards and parents across the nation.

As GOP lawmakers prepare for 2022, with hopes that they will take back the House and the Senate, Banks and others are leaning into the Critical Race Theory fight, having identified it as a potentially winning culture war battle for their side of the aisle. 

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