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House Freedom Caucus chairman: 6 winning issues for Republicans in 2022

The economy, critical race theory, and the border crisis are among the top voter priorities shaping the midterm electoral battlefield in favor of Republicans, according to Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs.

Published: July 2, 2021 10:30pm

Updated: July 4, 2021 10:36pm

Rep. Andy Biggs, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, sees six major issues shaping up as big winners for Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections: the economy, critical race theory, the border crisis, election integrity, crime, and weakness in the global arena. The Arizona Republican outlined the six winning issues in an interview Thursday on the John Solomon Reports podcast:

1. Inflation: "Everything has gone up — costs more to go out to eat, costs more for entertainment, costs more just to live, and what drives that is the price of gas," and what drives up the price of gas in turn is "the devaluation of our currency along with the removal of us as basically energy independent," said Biggs.

2. Public school indoctrination: Critical race theory being inculcated at schools is another important issue — to parents especially, as they're concerned about "the indoctrination of our children," Biggs said. As a result of COVID, "parents got involved, saw their kids, what they were learning," he said. "And they said, 'Oh, this is a disaster.' And so I think that will recharge the school choice movement on a nationwide basis."

3. Border crisis: Predicting that the "failure of the Biden policy" on the southern border will be another priority issue for voters, Biggs said: "[T]he Biden policy is simply this: Open the borders by erasing all of the Trump successful policies. That's their policy. And this is deliberate. And so I think people see that, and that'll be important."

4. Election integrity: As most Americans support voter ID, want citizens only to be allowed to vote, and "don't want ballot harvesting," according to Biggs, "the restoration of election integrity" will loom large at the polls in 2022.

5. Crime: With urban violent crime rates soaring, the "defund the police" movement has backfired badly on Democrats politically, argues Biggs. "We know we're winning on this, because they're lying, saying it's the Republicans that want to defund the police," he said, referring to Democrats' recent claims that Republicans voted to defund the police by voting against the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. Meanwhile, he noted, Democrats want to get rid of qualified immunity for police, while sanctuary city laws are being enacted in various Democrat-run cities.

6. Weakness: Biggs believes Biden administration weakness toward hostile foreign powers like China and Iran is inviting aggression and the testing of U.S. resolve — which leads to military conflict and the return of forever wars. Biden "policies have fueled, basically, a shooting war with Iran right now," said Biggs.

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