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Marjorie Taylor Greene warns GOP that expelling Matt Gaetz 'will not be tolerated'

"We are here because Congress operates on a calendar set up for producing annual failure," she added.

Published: October 2, 2023 6:31pm

Updated: October 2, 2023 9:41pm

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has warned her Republican colleagues that voters would not accept a reported effort to expel Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz from Congress over his repeated efforts to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Amid intense infighting over spending cuts, Gaetz has suggested he would file a motion to vacate the chair and oust McCarthy, but plans to wait until the speaker explains an alleged "secret side deal" to vote on Ukraine aid in order to secure the passage of a stopgap spending package to avert a government shutdown.

"[A] Republican led effort to expel Matt Gaetz absolutely will not be tolerated by Republicans across the country," Greene warned as the Florida congressman continues to draw ire from House leadership. "I can guarantee you that. Remember when 11 R’s voted against me and 10 R’s voted to impeach Pres Trump? Both the mtv [motion to vacate] and expulsion plans are wrong."

The Georgia lawmaker made her remarks as part of a larger thread in which sympathized with Gaetz's frustrations over the lower chamber's unwillingness to deal with the mounting national debt.

"We are here because Congress operates on a calendar set up for producing annual failure," she added. "With a September 30th fiscal year end, and a calendar that sends congress home all of August & half of September, it’s obvious why there’s usually an emergency CR to avoid a shutdown usually resulting in a Christmas omnibus which is really like a giant lump of coal in the American people’s stockings. No wonder we’re $33T in debt."

She differed from Gaetz by insisting that removing McCarthy would not produce the changes necessary to address the issue and that doing so "gives the upper hand to the Democrats."

"The American people are relying on Republicans to get our acts together and hold all of those accountable who have and continue to hurt the 4 main things they care about - their kids, bank accounts, jobs, and weekends," she continued. "Republicans need to get off the power trips, stop the absurd drama, remember who the enemy is, stop fighting with each other, and get serious about solving the problems that produce annual systemic failure. That requires real hard work."

Ben Whedon is an editor and reporter for Just the News. Follow him on X, formerly Twitter.

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