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Pelosi suggests $3.5 trillion spending bill will be trimmed back

There has been disagreement among Democrats over the large price tag, but Speaker said it seemed “self-evident” the package would be smaller.

Published: September 26, 2021 4:11pm

Updated: September 26, 2021 6:35pm

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday that it "seems self-evident" that the final $3.5 trillion spending bill will be less than the original proposal.

"Yeah, that seems self-evident. That seems self-evident," Pelosi told George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week" when he asked if she was saying the final amount would be smaller.

"I think even those who want a smaller number support the vision of the president," she continued, referring to those in the Democratic Party who do not support the $3.5 trillion price tag.

"Adding up what our priorities are should take us to a number where we find common ground," Pelosi said. 

The House Budget Committee approved the $3.5 trillion spending package in a rare Saturday afternoon vote last week.

"We have to find our common ground, respectful of each other's views," Pelosi added. "This isn't about moderates versus progressives."

"We'll see what we need," the speaker said. "We'll see how the number comes down and what we need in that regard."

Pelosi predicted that progress will be made on the bill this week.

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