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Rep. Jim Jordan: Democrats' Big Tech bills are 'going to make a bad situation worse'

Proposals "may sound good," said the Ohio Republican, but are "only going to allow Big Tech to collude with big government."

Updated: June 18, 2021 - 10:51pm

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The Democrats' new Big Tech bills are "going to make a bad situation worse," warns Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan.

"Big Tech is out to get conservatives, and they need to be reined in," Jordan told the John Solomon Reports podcast.

"The liability protection needs to go away, the so-called Section 230," he said. "And frankly, they need to be broken up."

Jordan contrasted the Republicans' bill to break up Big Tech with the Democrats' new Big Tech bills.

"We've introduced the Section 230 bill, and we're working on how we deal with breaking them up," said the House Freedom Caucus pit bull. "But what the Democrats introduced — Jerry Nadler, David Cicilline, Hakeem Jeffries, Joe Neguse, I mean, the impeachment managers — what they introduced, while it may sound good, is frankly only going to allow Big Tech to collude with big government, the Biden administration, the FTC, to further go after [conservatives].

"Do you really think the same party where Democrat members of Congress wrote a letter to the big carriers saying, 'Hey, can you take Fox News, One America News, Newsmax, off your platforms?' Do you really think they want the same thing we do? So that's the concern here, is I think this is going to make a bad situation worse. And it's a package of six bills. There's a couple that may do some good, but the package overall is very bad."

The Democrats' bills would "set up secret technical committees that aren't subject to the advisory committee law so that they can operate in secret for each business that will be covered," Jordan explained. "So there's a separate technical secret committee for each entity that is covered under this legislation. Again, you know, just dangerous stuff.

"The Democrats are in control, they're introducing these bills. They like the fact that the Big Tech kicked the sitting president of the United States off the platform. They liked the fact that they're censoring conservatives.

"... right now, they're saying, 'Well, it's just going to cover Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google,' but the definition will quickly sweep into that covered platform entity — Walmart, Tesla, Microsoft. And you know how government is — once they get their foot in the door, they're going to keep coming for all kinds of businesses and regulating them."

Jordan decried of the revolving door between Big Tech and the Biden administration.

"The new FTC chair, Lina Khan, guess who she worked for before she got that job? She worked for Jerry Nadler, David Cicilline. My guess is she probably wrote the bill. And she's said all kinds of radical left things.

"We've already seen where Big Tech will collude with important people in the government to keep critical information from the American people, right? We saw it with Zuckerberg and Fauci when they worked together to make sure we didn't understand where this virus started, that it likely started in the lab, and that even when their emails come public with a FOIA, they redact a bunch of it."

Jordan suspects Democratic states' trampling of individual rights during the pandemic lockdowns will backfire on them in the 2022 elections and help Republicans win back the House.

"Every right we enjoy under the First Amendment has been assaulted," he charged. "Your right to practice your faith, your right to assemble, petition the government, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, every single one. I tell folks, there are still churches today where the full congregation can't meet on Sunday morning in some states.

"Four weeks ago, I spoke to the New Mexico Republican Party in Amarillo, Texas, because they had to go to Texas — they had to flee to Texas to get freedom because they couldn't assemble.

"So yeah, this is serious. I think it's going to backfire. And frankly, what else is going to backfire on them is the fact that this has to be the worst start to any administration in our lifetime. I mean, what have they done? Taxes are going to increase, but that's on top of a border that was secure that's now chaos, energy independence that's now gas lines, peace in the Middle East that's now war in the Middle East. All this woke craziness, the assault on your liberties, and on and on — the fact that employers can't find employees, so you can just go down the list.

"I think the American people are gonna say, 'We didn't bargain for all this baloney. We're gonna put Republicans back in charge of the House in 18 months.'"