Former Trump fundraiser charged with conspiring to act as foreign agent without registering

Elliot Broidy has raised money for Trump's 2016 campaign and for the Republican National Committee

Republican Party symbol in 2000
Republican Party symbol in 2000
(Joe Raedle/Newsmakers via Getty Images)
Updated: October 8, 2020 - 4:50pm

Former top Trump fundraiser Elliot Broidy has been charged in connection with conspiring to work as a foreign agent without registering.

The charges which were reportedly filed Tuesday then unsealed Thursday are related to Broidy allegedly trying to get the Trump administration's Justice Department to "drop or favorably resolve its matters against" a foreign national for his involvement in the embezzlement of billions of dollars from an investment and development business owned by the Malaysian government, according to the filing.

The company – 1Malaysia Development Berhad – is also known as 1MDB.

Broidy raised money for the 2016 Trump campaign and for the Republican National Committee.

Broidy and the others involved are also said to have lobbied to have a Chinese citizen in the U.S. returned to China.

Both of the lobbying efforts failed, according to the filing.

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