Jury awards Texas family $95M after young girl suffered brain damage during dentist appointment

Patient reportedly suffered oxygen deprivation during 2016 visit.

Updated: September 24, 2022 - 4:19pm

A young Texas girl's family has been awarded nearly $100 million in connection with the debilitating brain damage she suffered while at a dentist's appointment several years ago.

The family of Nevaeh Hall will receive over $95 million in compensation for the girl's severe injuries, inflicted on her during a 2016 dentist visit at which she suffered oxygen deprivation as a result of improper sedation. 

Nevaeh's family says she can no longer see, speak, or take care of herself and requires 24-hour care. 

Dentist Bethaniel Jefferson has been indicted in connection with the incident. She will face criminal trial over the charges in October.