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Facebook, Twitter and Google CEO’s testify before Senate on censorship concerns

Big Tech leaders will testify before the Senate Commerce Committee

Updated: October 28, 2020 - 1:38pm

The CEO’s of Facebook, Twitter and Google are testifying Wednesday before the Senate Commerce Committee on the growing concerns about censorship by their social media sites.

Washington lawmakers, President Trump and others have focused in a part of federal communications law, known as Section 230, that protected such companies against liability for third-party content posted on their sites.

The big tech leaders have put measures in the place to try to keep disinformation off of their social media sites, which has raised concerns among Americans, particularly conservatives, about whether such efforts have resulted in censorship.

In their opening statements, the three CEO's defended Section 230 and claimed it is necessary to the internet. Twitter's Jack Dorsey said it's the most important law regarding internet speech.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai also focused on Section 230. “Let me be clear, we approach our work without political bias.... I would urge the committee to be very thoughtful about any changes to section 230, and to be very aware of the consequences those changes might have on businesses and customers," Pichai said.

The hearing is expected to last several hours as the committee questions each CEO.

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