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Tax expert says that the Biden student loan forgiveness plan was just a bribe to get votes

"This is a deeper issue than education. This is about government overreach," David Williams said.

Published: February 28, 2023 6:04pm

Updated: February 28, 2023 8:52pm

President of Taxpayers Protection Alliance David Williams said Tuesday that President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan was just a strategy to get votes.

"We're gonna see a lot of promises coming out of the White House because they want to keep that office and whether Joe Biden runs or not, they want to use our tax dollars to bribe people," Williams told the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "I mean, this is what it is. It's using our tax dollars to bribe people to vote for them."

Two cases went before the Supreme Court Tuesday over whether President Biden has the executive authority to forgive the debt – worth hundreds of billions of dollars – unilaterally and without congressional approval.

According to Williams, that is not the case. 

"This is a deeper issue than education," Williams noted. "This is about government overreach. It's about executive branch overreach and what the executive branch should be doing and what it shouldn't be doing."

Williams pointed out the hypocrisy of the Democrats who originally said that the executive branch didn't have the authority to forgive student loans, but changed their stance once Biden was in office. 

"I think it was Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said that the president can't do this," he said. "I believe Senator Elizabeth Warren said the same thing. Now they both have flip flopped, of course. They're flip flopping saying, 'Uh, well, no, he does have the executive power.' So they said the quiet part out loud a few years ago."