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Ratcliffe sworn in as next Director of National Intelligence, following Grenell's declassifying act

The former congressman from Texas was confirmed in a party-line vote by the Senate last week

Published: May 26, 2020 1:37pm

Updated: May 26, 2020 11:22pm

Former GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe was sworn in Tuesday morning as the director of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. He takes over for Richard Grenell, the former U.S. ambassador to Germany who served the role in an acting capacity for the past several months.

Ratcliffe was confirmed by the Senate last week in a 49-44 vote. Ratcliffe was initially nominated for the DNI position in 2019, but withdrew his name as criticism over his qualifications for the job emerged.

Ratcliffe recently told CBS News’ Catherine Herridge: “I haven’t served in an intelligence agency. I think that bringing a different kind of experience today is really going to be vitally important. You know all of the experience in the world isn’t helpful without judgment, and I think what we’ve seen is that some of our most experienced intelligence official have gotten it wrong with respect to important issues.”

The director of National Intelligence oversees the government’s 17 intelligence agencies. “

Director Ratcliffe understands this responsibility, and I am confident that he will fulfill all the roles assigned to the DNI with integrity,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

During his confirmation hearing, Ratcliffe, considered a Trump loyalist, assured the Senate that he would protect whistleblowers in the intelligence community, and deliver information without bias.

Grenell has made waves during his tenure by working with the Justice Department and Attorney General William Barr to declassify a number of documents pertaining to the Russia investigation that had until recently been held up by Congress and a number of other factors.

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