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Sisters accused of stabbing security guard 27 times at Chicago store after told to wear masks

The siblings are being held in Cook County without bail

Updated: October 28, 2020 - 1:50pm

Two sister have been charged in connection with the stabbing of a Chicago store security guard  27 times over the weekend after instructed them to wear a mask, according to police officials. 

Jessica Hill, 21, and Jayla Hill, 18 allegedly held and stabbed a 32-year-old security guard after he asked them to leave the shopping male store when they refused to put on masks or use hand sanitizer, for coronavirus safety precautions. 

Prior to the stabbing, which took place at a Snipes shoe store in Sunday, Hill took out her cellphone to record the security guard who has asked her and her sister to leave the store for refusing to wear masks, according to Cook County prosecutors. 

Judge Mary Marubio said Tuesday that "the complete randomness of this" is what is "terrifying." The judge ordered the siblings be held without bail on attempted murder charges. 

The assault, which was captured by surveillance cameras in the area, depicts Jessica taking out a "comb knife" with a hidden blade that she used to begin stabbing the guard in the neck, back, and arms, as Jayla held him by his hair to keep him from moving. 

The guard, a 6-foot-5, 270-pound man, was taken to a nearby hospital but did not need surgery. 

A defense attorney for the sisters said the women were acting in self-defense and were "overcharged." 

“This is just too random and quickly escalating. I can’t fashion conditions that would protect the community," said Judge Marubio about her decision to hold the siblings without bail. They will be brought back to court on November 4. 

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