Negotiations over next coronavirus relief package persist as leaders work toward an agreement

Negotiators agree on some proposals, but areas of contention remain.

Ambulance near the U.S. Capitol in March 2020
Ambulance near the U.S. Capitol in March 2020
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Updated: August 3, 2020 - 8:20pm

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Negotiations continue as political leaders struggle to arrive at an agreement on the next round of coronavirus relief legislation.

The Associated Press reports while the two sides agree on some proposals, such as providing people a $1,200 direct payment, areas of contention remain.

Democrats are seeking nearly $1 trillion for states and local governments, but the president has expressed opposition to the idea.

“They want to bail out cities and states that have been in trouble for years of bad management,” Trump told reporters on Monday, according to the Associated Press. “In all cases Democrat-run cities, and we don’t think that’s fair.”

The news outlet also reported that Democrats want to extend the $600 weekly unemployment benefits while Republicans want to cut down the size of the payout. Nancy Pelosi has expressed the potential for some flexibility according to the AP, which noted that the House Speaker "said she’d consider reducing the $600 benefit for people in states with lower unemployment rates."

Negotiators also disagree on school funding, as Republicans want to provide more aid for places that open for in-person education, according to AP.

According to Johns Hopkins University there have been more than 4.7 million confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. and more than 155,000 deaths.

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