Rick Perry on border crisis, Biden Supreme Court plans: 'I don't know how it could get any worse'

"This is an attack on the Constitution of the United States. This is an attack on who we are."

Updated: April 10, 2021 - 10:42am

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Rick Perry today slammed the Biden administration's handling of the ongoing U.S. border crisis as well as the administration's apparent moves toward U.S. Supreme Court reform, calling Biden's various policies "an attack on the Constitution of the United States."

Perry was speaking to Dave Brody on Just the News's Water Cooler. Pointing out the protracted surge of illegal immigration in U.S. border towns, Perry suggested the chaos there could have an effect on the Democratic electorate in next year's midterm elections. 

"As people are going to the polls [in 2022]," he said, "this is going to be on their mind. This isn't what they signed up for."

Noting the Biden administration's recent announcement on executive action gun control and a commission to study the expansion of the Supreme Court, Perry argued: "When you couple all of this with the attack on the Second Amendment ...[and] that this president is now putting a commission together to look at the Supreme Court, you know where this is going."

"This is an attack on the Constitution of the United States," he said. "This is an attack on who we are ... I don't know how it could get any worse."

"But I'm sure they're working on it," he added. 

Perry also slammed Vice President Kamala Harris's absence from the southern border even as she has been given a key administration position in handling that crisis. 

"The idea that the person who's in charge of overseeing this for the federal government hasn't even been there," he said, "...I will suggest to you, they're not interested in being there."

Perry previously served as the governor of Texas and as the U.S. Secretary of Energy. 

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