Border agent union chief accuses White House of lying, putting 'politics ahead of life'

"They will drop babies on trails, hoping to distract Border Patrol agents," said Judd

Updated: September 2, 2022 - 10:45pm

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The union chief of U.S. Border Patrol agents leveled a blistering attack Thursday on the Biden White House, saying its press secretary is lying about migrants crossing the border to hide the fact that hundreds have died on an inhuman journey to the U.S.

"They will put politics ahead of life," Brandon Judd said on Just the News, Not Noise, adding that the only pressure that will cause Democrats to change course is the threat of losing elections.

"Elections that's what it comes down to," Judd continued. "If Democrats believe that they're going to lose their seats of power, they will change their paradigm and they will do what's necessary to secure the border."

Judd was also asked about the increase of migrant deaths at the southern border under President Biden. When Biden first took office, there were only 300 deaths at the border, and now its close to 800. Judd referred to the left's actions regarding these migrants as "disgusting."

"When you hear them say that they care about people, look at the actual evidence, don't listen to their words," Judd emphasized. "Their actions are causing these people to put themselves in the hands of these very dangerous criminal cartels who do not care about life they will leave them in the middle of the desert."

Judd described the things that the cartels would do to these migrants as they make their journey to the border.

"They will drop babies on trails, hoping to distract Border Patrol agents," said Judd. "And if we don't find those little babies, they will in fact die. This is what's going on. And this is what the Democrats are encouraging."

"We're approaching 800 deaths in this fiscal year alone," Judd stated. "Last fiscal year we broke the previous record. In Biden's first year in office, we had 500 deaths. Now we're approaching 800 deaths, and he continues to do nothing about it."

The White House has not responded for comment.

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