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NJ representative says the way illegal immigrants are coming to US is a 'self-destructive process'

"Let's have an immigration policy that works for legal immigration, not illegal immigration," Rep. Van Drew said.

Published: September 21, 2023 3:18pm

GOP New Jersey Rep. Van Drew says that the way illegal immigrants have been entering the U.S. these past few years is "self-destructive" to the country. 

"[T]his is not something that's just going to affect Arizona or just affect Texas or just affect California," Drew said Thursday on the "John Solomon Reports" podcast.

"We are bringing in such huge numbers of illegals, it's going to affect the entire country, because they're going through the ports of entry," he continued. "They're going through illegally. We also have catch and release. The numbers are startling. It is a self-destructive process. No other country in the world would ever do this." 

As a potential solution to the massive immigrant surge in New York, the Biden administration has suggested sending some of them to the Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey. 

Democrat New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has come out and said he doesn't see a scenario where that will work. 

"It kind of bothers me that all of a sudden, the governor of New York is startled and surprised and says, 'we can't handle any more' or the mayor of New York City," Drew said. "Even in South Jersey where I am, Democrats are saying 'Oh no. We don't want this.' But they all voted for sanctuary cities, sanctuary towns and sanctuary counties."

Drew said that the system needs to be reformed for legal immigration and not illegal immigration. 

"Let's tighten up our borders," he said. "Let's have an immigration policy that works for legal immigration, not illegal immigration."

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