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Texas Agriculture Commissioner warns about Chinese purchases of US farmland, military base access

Sid Miller advises that the U.S. use some cowboy logic when it comes to dealing with China

Published: March 16, 2023 3:48pm

Updated: March 16, 2023 5:39pm

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller warns about the multiple dangers from China's purchasing U.S. farmland, including having access to America's military bases. 

"It gives them a really unique ability for espionage on our military bases, being that close to them," Miller said on the "John Solomon Reports" podcast.

Tensions have been rising between the U.S. and China, from the spy balloon floating across the U.S. a month ago to the mass purchasing of American farmland by China, leading some lawmakers like South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem to pass legislation banning China from purchasing farmland.

Other threats Miller highlighted from Chinese purchases of farmland include China's having access to the electric grid as well as food sources. 

"There was a Chinese billionaire, a former military leader, that bought 140,000 acres down on Rio Grande near a town called Del Rio," he explained. "What's significant about that is its next Laughlin Air Force Base.

"So number one, we're giving them access to our food sources," he continued. "And he was going to put up a wind farm. So that would give them access to our electric grid."

Miller had been calling attention to this very issue for a while now and says it's just common sense that the U.S. bans China from purchasing any more land. 

"I've been on top of it for over two years," he stated. "I was first trying to alert everybody on what was going on. I mean, use a little cowboy logic: if we can't buy land in your country, why would we let you buy land here?"


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